Vetiver Essential Oil

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The grounding cedar-and-grass aroma of pure Vetiver essential oil is an intoxicating and stirring base note that is used to calm nerves, refresh attention, and boost mood and energy. This sweet and smoky scent has singular aromatherapy power in itself, but can also augment the benefits of other essential oils.

Use Vetiver essential oil as a base on which to build your next blend for focus, de-stress, calm, or emotional strength. Use it for connection and community on an emotional level, and for energy, strength, and skin health on a physical one. It can support healthy immune function, and can act as to raise attention and reciprocity in an intimate setting.

Try a blend of our pure Indonesian Vetiver and the fruity spice of Lavender essential oil for a balanced and calming aromatherapy concoction. Blend it with a citrus, such as Orange, Grapefruit, or Bergamot for a sweet and uplifting ambiance. For a romantic evening, blend it with Frankincense or Ylang Ylang essential oil to really get things simmering.