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The Smart Eye Massager comforts and refreshes tired eyes due to eye strain, sinus pressure, headaches and much more. Simply use it for 15 - 20 minutes a day to help rejuvenate and restore blood circulation to help enhance and improve better quality sleep and relaxation. This eye massager combines various functions such as warm heat, smart air pressure and multi-frequency vibrations.  The device is designed to adopt traditional meridian therapy combined to deeply massage your key acupoint pressure  spots around your eyes to enhance the sense of relaxation and reduce the impact of anxiety and stress.

Our Smart Eye Massager gives you the ultimate relaxation and therapeutic experience for tired eyes. A combination of vibration, heat, and music of your choice to help you unwind after a long day. It is the ideal gift for a special someone or for yourself after a long hard day at work, a long drive, or countless hours in front of a computer.

The Smart Eye Massage comes equipped with a clear LCD display, it is easy to switch between different modes and comfort levels.

With the adjustable elastic straps, both men and women can easier fit the device to their right size.

**Do not use the eye massager if you have had an eye operation, suffer from glaucoma, cataract, retinal detachment, or other eye diseases. Consult your doctor or Physician first


Product Essentials

Three Levels of Heating Therapy

Simple One Button Activation

3 Vibration Intensity Levels

Blue Tooth Enabled – Pair with Phone, Stereo or Music Source

180 Degrees Fold-able and Transportable for Travel

Built in Battery Supply and Rechargeable

Charge Indicator Light

Charges Via USB Cable

Made with High-Grade Materials to Ensure both Safety and Comfort

Provides Relief from Eye Strain, Dry Eyes, Sinus Pressure, Headaches and More

Insulate your Experience with 104 Degrees of Thermostatic Heat

Up to 90 - 120 Minutes of use on a Single Charge