Restful Sleep Essential Oil Blend

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A night without good, solid sleep can seem eternal. You toss and turn, check the time, maybe try a different pillow, stare at the ceiling, then look at the clock again and realize with a sinking feeling that your day is already shot. It's not fun, and over the long run, losing sleep can actually be unhealthy and dangerous.

But there is a natural solution with the power of pure essential oils. Restful Sleep essential oil blend has been carefully crafted to help you and your family unwind, relax, and release tension so that when the sun rises, you can too. We've combined and concentrated premium botanicals shown to promote rest ... sweet Lavender, mellow Bergamot, restful Cedarwood, relaxing Lime, and calming Marjoram and Vetiver. This potent fusion will help you unwind, calm your mind, and ease into a good night's sleep.

Make it part of your bedtime routine. Diffuse it an hour before bed to help your family relax and feel ready for sleep. For an especially restless night, diffuse it overnight to help your body move into a more restful state and stay there. Help your kids feel ready to jump out of bed in the morning ... sprinkle a few drops on their pillowcase or even on a favorite stuffed animal or blanket to give them subtle and supportive overnight aromatherapy.