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Our Active Cooling Pillow was specifically designed to keep you cool all night long. Our Eco-Cool pillow has dual zones to allow for you to regulate for your personal comfort. With the REST "Touch Active" cooling pillow, we created a new type of pillow which utilizes technologies to promote a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. The advanced gel blend is ice cold to the touch and dissipates heat across 100% of the surface area of the pillow. The pin core ventilation keeps air circulating to further prevent the buildup of heat and moisture. It is the perfect combination of comfort and coolness.

The REST Eco Cool™ Fabric Technology is comprised of a multi-layer vented weave fabric which allows our sleep products to Thermo-regulate your body temperature. This fabric is a blend of 60% Polyester and 40% Viscose derived from Bamboo. We use this technology to allow the cover to breathe on its own with our ventilated foam technology that’s already built in. The pillow is engineered to activate our Eco Cool technology instantly, giving you the most restful, and relaxing night’s sleep possible.  We use a pin core ventilation technology that keeps air circulating to further prevent the buildup of heat and moisture that can get trapped within the pillow.

Our proprietary product comes in (One Size) Standard 20"x26", with a medium-firm pin hole design that was specifically designed to bounce back with a supportive and stabilizing effect, while it gently supports neck and shoulders and is ideally made for stomach and back sleepers. The height of the pillow has also been modified specifically to a 5” loft allowing for a more manageable night’s sleep. Our molded memory foam construction more effectively conforms to the weight and pressure of your head offering a cradling effect that aligns with your body’s natural sleeping position