Marjoram Essential Oil

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The warm herbal punch of pure Marjoram essential oil benefits your whole body, top to bottom. Don't let mood swings slow down the pace of your day. Use Marjoram essential oil at home and work to promote focus and clarity, and to find emotional stores when you need it most.

Marjoram bolsters large muscles when they are feeling sore, fatigued, or out of sorts. Blend with pure lemongrass and apply before strenuous workouts to give your muscles feelings of strength and endurance and to help your reflexes be at peak performance. Or, aid your recovery after a burn-out session with the help of this warming and invigorating oil.

Is an unsettled gut distracting you from your day? Add a drop or two of pure Marjoram to a diffuser to take the edge off of feelings of cramping and bloating. For more intense application, massage a dilution directly into the abdomen for feelings of natural relief.