Lime Essential Oil

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The uplifting scent of sweet Lime essential oil adds a fresh kick to any room's ambiance. Use it to foster cheerful feelings and natural energy when you need a boost. Improve you mood, prepare your mind and body for rest, calm a jumpy gut, and support physical health with this engaging aroma.

Get the house green-clean and bring the sunshine indoors with the citrus tang of pure Lime essential oil. Purify dishes and countertops, deodorize musty corners, degrime kitchen surfaces, and breathe the scent of summer on the beach with this powerful natural product.

When days get short and nights seem unreasonably long, turn to Lime essential oil to pull natural cheer across a dreary day. Breathe the delicious scent directly from the bottle, sprinkle a drop or two onto your linens, or diffuse with complementary oils (Cinnamon essential oil, Sandalwood essential oil, Bergamot essential oil) to bring out the psychological sunshine.