Grapefruit Essential Oil

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Bring out the sassy in yourself with the tangy scent of pure Grapefruit essential oil. Get a cleaner home environment, better health, and improved motivation and mood with this nurturing oil. The bright bouquet of this assertive scent has the power to help you kick bad habits, diminish mental fatigue, and encourage expressions of pure joy.

Set a bright mood for yourself and your family with the uplifting scent. Use it at home and on the road to create a space where everyone can find comfort. Carry it with you when you travel to address jet-lag, relieve sore joints and muscles, and freshen the funky atmosphere in an unfamiliar space. Freshen and deodorize any space with the bold kick of pure Grapefruit essential oil.

This flexible natural tool has multiple applications for your wellbeing. Use it in the morning for feelings of energy and enthusiasm at the start of your day. Gain of control over your appetite -- use the satisfying scent of sweet Grapefruit to work with your body to make better decisions for weight and nutrition.