Clove Essential Oil

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Focus your mind, power your life, and steel your stomach with the versatile and focused scent of pure Clove essential oil. The sweet-wood spice of this ancient Indonesian plant has been used in traditional medicines for centuries to soothe the gut and ease stress and strain. Distilled to its essence, this powerhouse is a bedrock part of the home aromatherapy toolbox.

Apply topically to ease feelings of muscle discomfort or head and neck tension. Carry with you to school or work to feel more focused and mentally sharp. Use first thing in the morning to move seamlessly from resting to ready-for-the-day. If you are rebounding from illness, Clove essential oil can be a key to maintaining an optimistic outlook toward healing mind and body.

Even a few drops in a diffuser can have a powerful effect in your home. Use in your favorite family aromatherapy blends to balance teen turmoil. Try it to naturally spice up your love life and nourish your relationships. Diffused at the right time, Clove essential oil can turn a special moment into something more intimate.