Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

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The warmth and gentle comfort of pure Cinnamon Leaf essential oil is perfect for everyday aromatherapy application. Use it to make your home sweetly sound, to center and uplift your mind, and to turn your relationships into a natural pleasure.

Know someone who wrestles with a sweet tooth? Rely on Cinnamon Leaf essential oil to keep appetites at healthy levels and squelch unruly cravings. Or use it in your home as a natural stimulant for mind, body, and spirit. Keep it next to your desk when you need a burst of pure energy, but don't want the caffeine. Rescue your day from stress headaches. Cinnamon Leaf essential oil can calm your nerves while helping you to stay alert and engaged.

Power up your wellness routine with this sweet scent. If you plan to create your own blends to meet specific needs, Cinnamon Leaf can focus and augment natural properties of other pure oils. Use it in conjunction with your favorites to enhance their power and help them be more effective in your home.