Breathe Free Essential Oil Blend

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Remember back when your mom massaged a warm and soothing mentholated rub across your aching chest to ease an uncomfortable cold? Now Breathe Free essential oil blend brings this warmth and gentle relief to your home and family -- just without the chemical goop.

This powerful blend brings together premium natural products to support respiratory health and give feelings of relief when you are down with sniffles, mild coughs, or congestion. Add it to the air with a diffuser and breathe sweet relief, or massage it with a carrier oil into the skin for a more targeted approach.

The bracing scent of eucalyptus and peppermint are combined with uplifting citrus and purifying tea tree, rosemary, and marjoram to create a gentle, grounding, and potent blend to naturally supplement your watchful care the next time someone at home has mild respiratory symptoms.