Basil Essential Oil

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The peppery-herbal kick of pure Basil essential oil benefits your whole system, inside and out. Don't let fuzzy heads or wandering attention keep your family from being at their academic best. Help study-time become effective without nagging or stress. Use Basil essential oil at home to promote focus and clarity.

Basil essential oil can bolster your body. Blend with peppermint and apply before strenuous workouts to give your muscles feelings of strength and endurance, and to help your reflexes be at peak performance. Or, add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner to treat your hair to deep nourishment and help it be healthy and strong.

Is Taco Tuesday haunting your Wednesday morning? Add a drop or two of pure Basil essential oil to a diffuser to take the edge of your tummy trouble. For more intense application, massage a dilution directly into the abdomen for feelings of natural relief.