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Just a few tips and facts about REST Memory Foam products that may help answer any questions before you begin to wonder.

  1. Pillows arrive compressed for shipping and will need to be removed from packaging and opened carefully (do not use a knife as it may cut the pillow fabric) 
  2. Most memory foam products are wrapped and sealed immediately following the manufacturing process and have not had time to breathe. You may notice a slight odor when you unpack your products. This is normal for “fresh foam” and will dissipate.
  3. To expedite odor dissipation, remove the pillow from its package and allow time for it to air out before initial use. Feel free to throw you entire pillow in the dryer on tumble dry low for 5-10 minutes to help the process if desired.
  4. Your memory foam product may appear to be out of shape at first. It will recover to its normal shape in a short period of time. you can help this process along by gentle working the foam and allowing it to separate from itself. Remember REST pillows are made of Blended Memory Foam consisting of thousands of tiny pieces of foam as apposed to one large block.
  5. Memory Foam products are temperature sensitive. Shipping these products during the cold winter months may cause your product to feel too firm or too hard upon arrival. Please unwrap the product and allow it to rest for a minimum of 48 hours at room temperature.
  6. REST products are covered by our REST Assured 10 Year Warranty.  If you are not satisfied with your product please contact us [[contact-link:contact us]] and we will make it right.

- What is inside the pillow

The pillow is made using our Custom Comfort™ Technology consisting of a tri-blend of multi density memory foams. This REST exclusive technology blends various small pieces of memory foam from all different firmness levels. This blended of foams allows for a responsive and adaptive sleep experience.

- What is the cover made of ?

Our Eco-Cool™ Fabric Technology covers are made up of a blend of 60% Polyester & 40% Viscose derived from Bamboo. This 3 layer blended fabric provides thermo regulating properties and well as a ventilated weave which allows the fabric to breath and keep you cool during your sleep cycle.

- How Do I wash my Bamboo Pillow Cover?
That's easy, Just remove from your pillow and wash in cold water, dry in low heat.

- How Do I wash my Bamboo Pillow?

That's a different. You can wash in cold water and tumble dry in low heat. Please keep in mind that you may need multiple dry cycles and a good hand fluffing at the end to bolster the pillow back up may be needed.

- Do I need a cover for my pillow?

No you don't, but if you do please try to use a breathable fabric to help the pillow do its job and keep you cool.

- Is this pillow good for a back sleeper or a side sleeper?

This pillow is considered the ANY sleeper pillow… Meaning no matter if you are a side , back or stomach sleeper or adaptive sleep system will keep you comfortable.

- How big is the king and queen size pillow?

Queen Cut Size  20 X 30

King  Cut Size 20 X 36

Body Cut Size 20 X 60

*Note filled pillows will vary in size due to fill properties.

- What is the refund policy on the REST pillow?

We provide a 90 Day sleep trial and our 10 Year REST Assured Warranty. Please view our Warranty page for more details.